Beauty and the Beast Film Support

When planning for any large film release, there are multiple considerations in place including budget, total number of locations where product will be displayed, space provided for graphic overlay, and timeline for execution. A standard film graphic package would include one or two large 3D displays, window displays, and a wide range of 2D graphics throughout various locations on both the East coast and West coast (not pictured).

Concept portrait - front view

Concept landscape - front view

Concept portrait - back view

Concept landscape - back view

Support for Beauty and the Beast is one of the largest builds I’ve done to date. They are 38.5” wide by 56” tall plywood shadowboxes (47.5" wide by 44.5" tall for the landscape version).
The gold moldings were 3D printed in house and sent out to the vendor for assembling and finishing.
Below are some process shots of the builds that went into our two largest locations: World of Disney in Disneyland and Disney World.

simplified example of vendor files (click to enlarge)

Builds like these will start as sketches and flat mockups. I will then create a full design intent (see sample above) with full specifications including, size, thickness, color and material callouts, and any special requirements for assembly. These allow us to get the most accurate quote from our vendor when going into production.

Shadow box frame (landscape)

Shadow box frame (landscape)

Final build - front

Testing the 3D printed pieces for size

Testing the 3D printed pieces for size

Final build - back