Lately I've been on a bit of a Skillshare kick. I've been a member for quite some time but I recently started a new wave of classes. My goal is to at least complete one class per month (a bit of a challenge with a full schedule but here's to education!).

One of my absolute favorite parts about the platform is the fact that you can share your project with your classmates, be as detailed as you want in your step by steps and ask for feedback from your peers. Skillshare works on a sort of open ended schedule (you know, when you can join the class whenever and work on your project at your own pace) which can be great if you have a ton of work one week and zero the next...or if you tend to get distracted half way through projects. The downside to this formula, however, is that it's hard to figure out just who is actively working on a project, which really limits the feedback factor. 

BUT, recently, they started to introduce class sessions, where you are given more of a structured curriculum complete with a course outline and set deadlines. The idea is to get a big enough group of people that are all actively taking the class at the same time, which leads to more peer to peer interaction and consistent feedback. It even gives the instructor a chance to be present in the forums when there is the most activity. These sessions are completely optional, but I highly recommend them. Personally, I just like the pressure of having a deadline to meet (whatever works right?).

Here's an abridged version of my most recent venture: the August session of Martina Flor's "The Golden Secrets of Script Lettering...