"Set some goals"

Before starting this project earlier this year, I had thought long and hard about what I where I wanted to be professionally in the near future. I knew that if I wanted to start getting anywhere, I had to first figure out where to start.

My biggest goal was to get my work out there and to add new pieces to my portfolio, different than what I had before. To get there I set up a series of smaller goals that would help me along the way; this project being one of them. It made sense to me that if I wanted to get better at something, I had to really start practicing. Before starting this project, I never made time to sit down to sketch, comp, ink, scan, digitize and texturize etc. I would sketch here and there but would hardly complete anything. Now my biggest problem is trying to organize every new project as I get new ideas or see something else I want to try and learn from.

It hasn't always been easy (or pretty) trying to keep this project up for as long as I have, but I am definitely better at this craft than I was when I started and I can't wait to see where it takes me when it's over.