Travel Accessories Gear

Disney's TAG is a temporary merchandise location in Disney Spring's Marketplace Co-Op.
The idea behind the Co-Op is to create an exclusive retail experience for new product before it is expanded into other locations.

image courtesy of Disney Theme Park Merchandise

For this project, I was responsible for all printed elements that were implemented throughout the shop.
This included anything from wall pads and floor panels to the window graphics and overhead light box displays.

I worked with Merchandise Presentation and Global Retail Development partners to come up with deliverables.
We used the product art as a kick-off point to develop the look of the shop and developed additional art where needed to help tie visuals together.

image courtesy of Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Image courtesy of Disney Theme Park Merchandise

These overhead light boxes were designed to fit into the airport feel and were one of my favorite details that we added into the shop theme.
They were printed on back lit film and set inside a custom plexiglass box. 

Progress City travel poster (click to enlarge)

Walt Disney World travel poster (click to enlarge)

These light boxes for the display window right outside of the shop were inspired by vintage TWA travel posters. I really wanted to create something that had an air of familiarity but still be a modern representation of the Walt Disney World Resort. I am a fan of vintage illustration and jumped at the chance to work on them.